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Fringe benefits or other incidental profits or benefits accompanying an office or position.

The abbreviation perks is used in reference to extraordinary benefits afforded to business executives, such as country club memberships or the free use of automobiles.

See: bonus, paraphernalia, revenue



PERQUISITES. In its most extensive sense, perquisites signifies anything gotten by industry, or purchased with money, different from that which descends from a father or ancestor. Bract. lib. 2, c. 30, n. 8; et lib. 4, c. 22. In a more limited sense it means something gained by a place or office beyond the regular salary or fee.

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It is true she was pretty well besides, that is to say, she had about #1400 in money, which she gave him; and the other, after some time, she brought to light as a perquisite to herself, which he was to accept as a mighty favour, seeing though it was not to be his, it might ease him in the article of her particular expenses; and I must add, that by this conduct the gentleman himself became not only the more humble in his applications to her to obtain her, but also was much the more an obliging husband to her when he had her.
Increased disclosure is likely to persuade many companies to offer cash instead of perquisites they would have to disclose, like trips on the corporate jet.
Content details all aspects of the rule changes that are related to providing investors with a more complete picture of compensation paid to principal executives, directors and financial officers, including information on salaries and bonuses, all equity-based awards, stock and stock options, compensation under non-equity incentive plans and compensation derived from perquisites.
Critics noted that the land was granted to her freehold whereas all perquisites of a former president were limited to her lifetime.
To learn more about these and other findings or to receive a complete copy of Equilar's 2007 CEO Benefits & Perquisites Report, please call 1-877-441-6090 or visit http://www.
Demanding hike in their pay and perquisites, the officers of public sector oil companies have struck work nationwide since Wednesday.
5 million in cash severance payments, post-closing consulting fees and continued perquisites, provided under his employment agreement with Countrywide and the related consulting arrangement.
It has access to the other perquisites of exchange status -- most notably, the intermarket trading system that links the regionals and New York, and tape revenue (the money exchanges are paid every time they put a trade on the data feed).
Marriage perquisites are provided to ease the burdens of raising a family, the primary reason for marriage; a societal quid pro quo for producing and molding the next generation.
Other disposed of office perquisites, extolling the virtues of a lean operation.
This issue includes studies on financial planning perquisites and change-in-control agreements for CEOs at Fortune 100 companies.
Huff's entitlement to perquisites and administrative assistance after his anticipated tenure as nonexecutive Chairman.