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Fringe benefits or other incidental profits or benefits accompanying an office or position.

The abbreviation perks is used in reference to extraordinary benefits afforded to business executives, such as country club memberships or the free use of automobiles.

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PERQUISITES. In its most extensive sense, perquisites signifies anything gotten by industry, or purchased with money, different from that which descends from a father or ancestor. Bract. lib. 2, c. 30, n. 8; et lib. 4, c. 22. In a more limited sense it means something gained by a place or office beyond the regular salary or fee.

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Financial planning benefits and executive physicals were the next-most popular perquisites after travel-related benefits.
3 percent companies claimed the payment of perquisites to its executive directors and also disclosed these.
The Delhi High Court has recently held that amounts paid directly by a foreign employer to discharge its employees' income-tax liability would not be treated as a taxable perquisite in India as it is exempt under section 10(10-CC) of the Income-tax Act, 1961.
According to the tax rules, the perquisite valuation should be 15 per cent of salary in cities with a population of more than 25 lakh, 10 per cent in cities with 10-25 lakh people and 7.
Prior to the change in regulation for fiscal years on or after December 15, 2006, Item 402(b) of SEC Regulation S-K required that the value of perquisites be included in the "Other Annual Compensation" column of the Summary Compensation Table in the annual proxy statement if the aggregate exceeded the lesser of $50,000 or 10% of the executive's total annual salary and bonus.
The survey of 650 CEOs found that 20 percent of them received tax gross-ups for perquisites such as housing, gifts, security, country club fees and executive retreats.
s books and records so it can talk to Dillard's shareholders about use of corporate assets, compensation and perquisites for executives and other matters.
Most of the other perquisites are routine items, such as sick time and vacation time.
Median Value of Fortune 100 CEO Aircraft Perquisites 2004 $89,246 2005 $108,579 2006 $121,676 Source: Equilar Note: Table made from bar graph.
The government, which has accused the four of a $60 million fraud and Lord Black of abusing corporate perquisites, took 11 weeks to make its case in a Chicago U.
These perquisites, which I admit that I take, obligate me only to listen to the message.