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Per Se

[Latin, In itself.] Simply as such; in its own nature without reference to its relation.

In the law of Defamation, slander per se refers to certain language that is actionable as slander in and of itself without proof of special damages, such as the situation in which a person is falsely accused of having committed a crime. Defamation per se is in contradistinction to defamation per quod, which requires proof of special damages.


Libel and Slander.

per se

(purr say) adj. Latin for "by itself," meaning inherently. Thus, a published writing which falsely accuses another of having a venereal disease or being a convicted felon is "libel per se," without further explanation of the meaning of the statement. (See: libel per se)

per se

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Separated from the painting, Le Bruns finished head of wonder visually recalls its first incarnation in Les Reines de Perse through details of coiffure, jewelry, and decor that invite us, as viewers, back to the source of the expression (fig.
Tras este excurso -un tanto extenso, queriendo haber sido cumplidamente sintetico- y teniendo en consideracion lo resumido, emprendamos el cometido que anunciaramos de apreciar un texto mas de Lugar comun la muerte, "Saint-John Perse desaparece".
We have a young, beautiful man, we have his ass, we have dans la Perse / perce, and now we have douceurs virginales et noires, which had to refer to his anus, immediately followed by ses premiers entetements, where tete would no longer refer to the head (skull), but to the head of something else entirely.
A una figura como Hector Rojas Herazo lo sorprende "el poder social de Jorge Zalamea, pero tambien su capacidad intelectual y esa admiracion por la poesia de Perse que el compartira (12)".
Orphan narratives; the postplantation literature of Faulkner, Glissant, Morrison, and Saint-John Perse.
The tradition of literary diplomats reached its zenith in the early 1960s, when three Nobel Prizes for Literature were awarded to writers who had also served as diplomats--Saint-John Perse of France, Ivo Andric of Yugoslavia, and George Seferis of Greece.
En esa epoca aparecen otros grandes modelos, los ultimos que yo he tenido en mi vida: Saint John Perse [1887-1975] y un poeta lituano casi desconocido en Espana, Lubicz Milosz [1877-1939].
Local James Perse calls his newly opened flagship at 357 N.
If through the practice of translation, Hughes absorbed the influence of Aragon, he would also have taken on the influences of Surrealists as well as Perse.
Owers has been development director at the Perse School, Cambridge, since 2003.
Overall, the addition of PerSe strengthens McKesson's leadership in managing the health care business from revenue cycle outsourcing and business office management to resource management, financial transaction solutions, pharmacy claims processing and network services.
Mr Richardson, head of the Perse School in Cambridge, told the Times Educational Supplement: "If you breathe the word selection you meet hostility, but we need an open debate.