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Per Se

[Latin, In itself.] Simply as such; in its own nature without reference to its relation.

In the law of Defamation, slander per se refers to certain language that is actionable as slander in and of itself without proof of special damages, such as the situation in which a person is falsely accused of having committed a crime. Defamation per se is in contradistinction to defamation per quod, which requires proof of special damages.


Libel and Slander.

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per se

(purr say) adj. Latin for "by itself," meaning inherently. Thus, a published writing which falsely accuses another of having a venereal disease or being a convicted felon is "libel per se," without further explanation of the meaning of the statement. (See: libel per se)

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per se

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En fait, conclut Reyes, nous comprendrons vraiment la situation politique et economique de Chypre lorsque des etudes archeologiques auront defini les traces que les Assyriens et les Perses ont laisse en Palestine, en Phenicie, et en Syrie puisque l'ile faisait petrie, comme ces regions, du bassin oriental de la Mediterranee et qu'elle entretenait des liens avec ces dernieres sans avoir eu a subir leur domination.
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An informative catalogue essay by Sophie Bowness relates Braque's work to such contemporary poet-friends as Jean Paulhan, Francis Ponge, Rene Char, and St.-John Perse, for whose L'Ordre des Oiseaux (1962) Braque provided modest illustrations.
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Des reproductions de textes litteraires et de poesie illustres de miniatures d'origine perse mettent en avant l'art de l'illustration dans des ouvrages datant des XIIe et VIIe siecles.
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