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We persecute people by ignoring them -- by trivializing their concerns, by deriding their organizations as foolish, by making their beliefs (or the fact they have beliefs at all) slightly foolish.
This decision is just the tip of the iceberg to persecute or prosecute Christians for their beliefs, and should be a stark warning to people of conscience in this nation that as a result of 12 years of Labour rule, the British establishment no longer values the democratic rights of its citizens to hold conscience as a matter of principle.
Traditional Christian anti-Semitism, in contrast, sought to persecute Jews, but it always held out the possibility of baptism as a means of "escaping" Judaism.
If you find it hard to forgive people who persecute you, pray for them.
There are far more attacks on humans by humans than by any other animal on the planet, yet there are - quite rightly - no calls to demonise and persecute the entire human race due to the actions of the few.
It wasn't long before believers like Augustine were using the empire's might to persecute and torture other Christians.
But then the Republican went on to suggest that the Nazis did not persecute gay people during World War II.
And the Lord asked of them: ``Who are the leaders of those who do persecute and oppress you so?
Jesus said: "They have persecuted me and they will persecute you.
The Risen One manifested himself to him in all his radiant power: "Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?
Its anti-Semitism had its roots outside of Christianity, and in pursuing its aims, it did not hesitate to oppose the Church and persecute her members also.
In the late first century, Roman Emperor Domitian fiercely persecutes Christians.