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So it was this beautiful young woman Rokoff had been persecuting.
You are content that these two scoundrels should continue persecuting you?
If I had let him live he'd have gone on persecuting AVERIL and PERCEVAL.
He was by this time just sober enough to do his work, and just tipsy enough to take a spiteful pleasure in persecuting his wife.
Richard Wilson, Jane's younger brother, sat in a corner, apparently good-tempered, but silent and shy, desirous to escape observation, but willing enough to listen and observe: and, although somewhat out of his element, he would have been happy enough in his own quiet way, if my mother could only have let him alone; but in her mistaken kindness, she would keep persecuting him with her attentions - pressing upon him all manner of viands, under the notion that he was too bashful to help himself, and obliging him to shout across the room his monosyllabic replies to the numerous questions and observations by which she vainly attempted to draw him into conversation.
For my own part, I had been for some time very seriously affected with the danger to which the Protestant religion was so visibly exposed under a Popish prince, and thought the apprehension of it alone sufficient to justify that insurrection; for no real security can ever be found against the persecuting spirit of Popery, when armed with power, except the depriving it of that power, as woeful experience presently showed.
Now, the only two servants (excepting Rosanna herself) who had remained under examination for any length of time, were my lady's own maid and the first housemaid, those two being also the women who had taken the lead in persecuting their unfortunate fellow-servant from the first.
Ogg's, instead of getting it in a more quiet and indirect way; and could see nothing but what was entirely wrong and unkind, nay, persecuting, in Tom's reproof of her for this unnecessary act.
Through his persecuting her with his attentions, she was turned out by his wife, Marfa Petrovna.
Perhaps that is why many countries despite having strong trade ties with the Muslim world don't think twice before persecuting their respective Muslim populations.
He said that if there are solid proofs against any of the workers then he must be hanged publicly but persecuting an innocent person without proofs was condemnable.