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Chadband--of whom the persecutors say that it is no wonder he should go on for any length of time uttering such abominable nonsense, but that the wonder rather is that he should ever leave off, having once the audacity to begin--retires into private life until he invests a little capital of supper in the oil-trade.
As we journeyed on, night darkened on our path, so that no man could see the rage of the persecutors or the constancy of my endurance, though Heaven forbid that I should glory therein.
O Thou, to whom I have looked in my farthest wanderings," continued the Quaker, raising his agitated eyes to heaven, "inflict not upon the bloodiest of our persecutors the unmitigated agony of my soul, when I believed that all I had done and suffered for Thee was at the instigation of a mocking fiend
The king's mandate to stay the New England persecutors was effectual in preventing further martyrdoms; but the colonial authorities, trusting in the remoteness of their situation, and perhaps in the supposed instability of the royal government, shortly renewed their severities in all other respects.
Every one spoke of her with that degree of pity which it is pleasant to experience; every one was ready to do her the little kindnesses which are not costly, yet manifest good will and when at last she died, a long train of her once bitter persecutors followed her, with decent sadness and tears that were not painful, to her place by Ilbrahim's green and sunken grave.
However perfect master he was over himself, my persecutor allowed a movement of anger to escape him.
In truth, however, because of my petition, my persecutors have now implicitly admitted that they have no evidence to charge me.
That Samson and Delilah came to be owned by Goering, one of the chief persecutors of Jews, lends it a particular poignancy.
The petition has mentioned Pakistan as "one of the most pernicious persecutors of Christians ever" and said Christians are tortured, raped and are being burnt alive in the country.
However, the NAB persecutors returned empty handed when the Spanish Magistrate found no proof of wrongdoing and close the case.
It is nonstate actors, Kerry said at a press conference, that are today "the principal persecutors and preventers of religious tolerance and practice.
A howl of agony echoes through a distant gorge, and soon merges with the screams of the persecutors and the persecuted alike In "Mountain Cry," a bluntly effective condemnation of Intolerant groupthink that reveals just how quickly the Inhabitants of a remote village will turn on their own.