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He is a most extraordinary young man, and whatever be the event, you must feel that you have created an attachment of no common character; though, young as you are, and little acquainted with the transient, varying, unsteady nature of love, as it generally exists, you cannot be struck as I am with all that is wonderful in a perseverance of this sort against discouragement.
After a long interval, however, 'The Perseverance'--for that was her name--was spoken somewhere in the vicinity of the ends of the earth, cruising along as leisurely as ever, her sails all bepatched and be quilted with rope-yarns, her spars fished with old pipe staves, and her rigging knotted and spliced in every possible direction.
She embraced every opportunity of meeting him, tried every art to fascinate him, and pursued him with as much perseverance as if she really loved him and no other, and the happiness of her life depended upon eliciting a return of affection.
Andrew Lourake, the first American military pilot to return to active duty after an above-the-knee leg amputation, received the 2005 Shining Star of Perseverance award from the WillReturn Council[R] of Assurant Employee Benefits.
Solid mystery and intrigue mark Perseverance Press's titles and two new releases are no exception.
Teachers must help students develop perseverance and broaden their view of mathematics.
In their follow-up to By My Brother's Side, teamwork and perseverance are once again the Barbers' key themes.
Chapters address the value of prayer and meditation to stabilizing one's frame of mind, the power of love as a motivating force to earn success, how all things are possible to all people, the values of enthusiasm and perseverance, and much more.
Former Vice-Chairman of BMO Nesbitt Burns, Donald Johnson has lent his financial expertise to a variety of not-for-profit organizations and with great determination and perseverance brought about major changes to the Income Tax Act, which introduced new incentives that have helped to revitalize the charitable sector with an infusion of funds.
"ATI's market leadership in notebook gaming is a testament to our perseverance as an innovator and our commitment to delivering industry-leading technology to our customers," said David Cummings, Director of Marketing for ATI's Mobile Business Unit.
When he was awarded the Order of Canada in 2004, he was cited for his role as a "spiritual, community and political leader" who "demonstrated immense perseverance and determination during the negotiations that culminated in the historic Nisga'a Treaty."
The premier issue included profiles of business owners who succeeded through perseverance and social responsibility with features on how to profit "without selling out."