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Jreij explained that Article 189 in the abovementioned law prevented the prosecution of anyone who has proved to be perseverant and drugs-clean, assuring that the law stipulates having the treatment at the expense of the State.
We must be determined, perseverant and constant on this subject.
Ramos is well known for his perseverant, dogged yet eloquent style and is particularly known to confront those in power on issues such as gun rights, immigration reform and poverty.
He'd grow more self reliant, tenacious and perseverant.
He added that the challenge of feeding a projected 9 billion people in a sustainable way by the year 2050 will never be achieved based on one single measure, but is only possible by a convergence of perseverant measures that complement each other.
Le peuple ainsi maquille en essence--c'est a dire un etre purement constant et perseverant dans son etre--devient magiquement l'etre qui n'a rien et qui donc est cense etre libre et porteur de liberte, et cette essence massive et mythique efface le reel de quoi il se constitue.
Conscientiousness: Individuals who score high describe themselves as reflexive, tidy, diligent and perseverant.
La mere << est heurtee >>, castree, et ne peut pas vivre la realite de la castration qu'en perseverant desirer et en exagerant les signer viriles.
Fortunately, small business owners are extremely perseverant.
La reponse virulente de Jarraya a fait suite aux questions posees par Souissi et d'autres journalistes sur les raisons de la presence de Chafik Jarraya, le perseverant effort qu'il fournit pour defendre Abdelhakim Belhaj et surtout sa relation avec les Trabelsi ainsi que son financement d'Ennahdha.
Moreover, through each experience, Brianna and her classmates had also begun to see themselves as perseverant, self-disciplined individuals capable of putting in the sustained and deliberate practice necessary to accomplish their goals.
This may be because people tend to compensate for their lower academic degree by being more honest and perseverant.