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Persevere has partnered with BoomStartup--one of Utah's most well-known accelerators--to do just that, building a program that teaches inmates coding and entrepreneurship.
A person who perseveres is the type who hardly ever, or let's rather say never, gives up easily; the type that 'pick themselves up every time they fall'.
In his speech Sfeir said "this country will persevere thanks to its children C* Educating students is beneficial for the country before being beneficial for individuals." Sfeir said he hoped Lebanon's good reputation would continue with future generations, adding that the Lebanese stand out in foreign societies "thanks to their intelligence." -- The Daily Star
Thinking back over a long, hard season, I gave thanks to my Maker that I was able to endeavor to persevere.
We must persevere. The League does make a difference!
It is gift shop and a music store as well, and a very good one, if you can persevere long enough to actually find it in its new subterranean location.
Well, we've established that dental assistants have the power to persevere, now let's talk about recognition.
Only those who always wondered how things got the way they did at Gateway will persevere through the shifts and switchbacks.
This has helped her persevere and see beyond her MS.
Yet those who have labored here over the centuries have managed to persevere.
But it also has long-term protective benefits for mothers, including reducing the risk of pre-menopausal breast and ovarian cancer.: 'If you persevere it's more than worth it':Despite experiencing some difficulties breastfeeding her eldest daughter Chloe, Emma Holst has chosen to opt for the natural feeding method for her youngest daughter Ffion.