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He believes Persevere can bring the same ideology to the table on a larger scale, teaching vital, new-age skills to inmates and those on probation.
It was a long and sometimes trying haul, but I endeavored to persevere, and, finally, in September 2006, in a deep Colorado canyon, I found myself kneeling behind a big pine tree, just six yards from a gorgeous bull.
You should - and will - be able to buy tickets using both website addresses once the glitches have been cleared up, so persevere and you will get through.
Persevere, it's good, buy it, read it, think on and apply it to the rich, unpredictable, uncontrollable city but question the implicit capitalist imperative that lurks behind books and cities alike.
Pierre "Pepe" Sutton, chairman of the National Association of Black-Owned Broadcasters in New York, of which Cutting is a member, points to Cutting's ability to persevere as her biggest advantage.
During several of her visits to Rome, Mother Angelica had audiences with the Holy Father who gave her courage to persevere in this work for the good of the Church.
The most curious feature of the theory of inertia is the idea that a moving body will persevere in a straight line at constant velocity forever unless some force intervenes to change that motion.
It is the examination of this winding stream and how two people persevere despite all their difficulties that makes for an interesting story.
Until the new dynamic created by the Act can be digested, owners of high-profile properties will have to persevere through the volatility and uncertainty of appropriately and economically protecting themselves.
Patricia Troy is proof positive it pays to persevere.