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Brody, MD, PhD, president of Johns Hopkins University and a Shumway trainee: "He persevered, and I give him credit for it because a lot of people would have stopped.
PHOTO (Color) CSUN coach Frozena Jerro calls Neda Milic ``an inspiration'' because of how she has persevered.
Yet, the group has persevered and moved steadily ahead.
ABCP market persevered again through many regulatory challenges in 2004, the recent release of U.
Cypress, ranked second in the state, also persevered by opting to bunt and slap the ball instead of power hit against top Western State Conference pitcher Stacy Champy, who struck out 160 batters during the regular season.
The program was developed to celebrate the success of Illinois high technology executives who have persevered despite the risks to successfully bring to the marketplace innovative products.
John Frazee persevered and spent the last decade developing, testing and perfecting the method.
Since then, the company's commitment to the Italian market has persevered and has established a growing number of partnerships including Operators, Infrastructure Equipment Suppliers, Application Developers, and Distribution partners.
But Marissa persevered, after all she was jumping for a good cause - raising money for the American Heart Association's Jump for Heart.
2003 was a tough year for the company but we have persevered and remain strong and committed to our goals.
Hobbled by blisters and having squandered a big lead in the third set, Thomas Muster persevered amid heat and wind for a 6-3, 3-6, 6-4 victory over Alberto Costa to advance to theItalian Open final in Rome.