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Caption: DFID Humanitarian Affairs Officer Heidi Carrubba and CANADEM Consultant Perseverence Ganga (right) monitor a food distribution site in the Tigray region of Ethiopia in November 2016.
It was a goal that was defined by its perseverence, its desire, its unlikelihood.
Just proves what a reality check, hard work and perseverence can achieve instead of blaming 'big bones' or expecting the NHS to provide gastric band surgery.
Through sheer perseverence, this quartet of friends attain actual joy and reach important milestones.
SJT's failure to disclose the true value of the Perseverance, what SJT paid for the Perseverence, and the Perseverances level of deterioration, therefore, are all material facts, the nondisclosure of which violates uberrimae fidei.
She touched a high of 300, but Jimmy Quinn's perseverence in the saddle paid off.
At the end of the day, it is dedication and perseverence that brings results.
In this alternative scenario, the emphasis would extend beyond the valorisation of survival, coping, and relationality, and towards more 'heroic' and radical themes of militancy, contestation, adamancy, perseverence, partisanship, and the refusal to compromise.
But 23 anglers stuck at it, and 19 of them weighed in, so perseverence paid off, though weights were low.
Craig Rogers' perseverence when his goal chance appeared to have passed was rewarded as he halved the deficit before slotting in a penalty after he was hauled down by Jarlath Curley.
Bug fixes will be coming to Sona's Aria of Perseverence as well.
We didn't have the perseverence that we've had in other games.