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Blonde Elaine Meilicke, who has told persevering poolmen the ordinance should be adopted in time for the current season, now has the builders telling each other:
Mowbray said: "He's got to keep going and persevering.
Runner thanked Craft for taking on the job he did and persevering with his committee for so many years.
State titlist: First-time entry Eddie Heinen of Las Vegas capped one of the more persevering performances in the 91-year history of the California Amateur Championship by defeating Fresno State All-American Jonathan Echols 1-up in the 36-hole final at Pebble Beach Golf Links.
The Bulls filled their backcourt opening - the one next to the persevering Harper - by hiring Brent Barry, who was a Clipper a year ago.
But the pair did not seem to mind after persevering through five games in the Miller Lite U.