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Pickwick's condition at this moment: he tossed first on one side and then on the other; and perseveringly closed his eyes as if to coax himself to slumber.
Keep it in view, turn not aside to right or left, but steadily and perseveringly press forward in every prudent and justifiably measure and we can scarce fail of obtaining our most sanguine wishes.
A few components of the legislature, media, liberal and political best, going about as virtual fifth reporters, perseveringly assaulted them.
to love him perseveringly to possess him forever, for to love so great a
49)," (46) Vatican II, describing a virtue to articulate a moral norm, teaches that the spouses' love should share in their marriage's indissolubility--that is, be perseveringly faithful: "This love sincerely confirmed by mutual fidelity, and made especially sacrosanct by the sacrament of Christ, is indissolubly faithful physically and mentally in prosperity and adversity, and is therefore far removed from all adultery and divorce.
easily and perseveringly stand against this social phenomenon.