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Chances of rain still persist until early morning on Tuesday over the northern area of the UAE.
On Robert Vadra's land deals the BJP will persist, there is no doubt because it's a massive scandal which has resulted in injustice being done to the people of Haryana and injustice done to the people of Rajasthan too, we shall persist on this matter because truth has to come out," said BJP spokesperson Nirmala Sitharaman.
We expect these low levels of client activity to persist for some time.
And the message on them was that the club are powerless to prevent police intervention if offensive singing persists.
This seems unlikely on at least three counts: (a) Ethically, it runs counter to the undergraduate instruction mission of American higher education institutions; (b) pragmatically, it could become a public relations nightmare for any college if their use of such an admission screen leaked out; and (c) cynically, the need for "making the numbers" on a sufficient quantity of new enrollees to contribute their tuition dollars to annual campus operating budget revenues makes it financially far more prudent to admit lo-hardy students and then find ways to help them achieve their graduation goals (as they continue to persist as tuition payers).
The cost of this failure is that problems persist, the doctor with the concerns acts out his or her concerns by attempting to work around the problem, and all too often quality of care suffers.
This case demonstrates that a productive cough and mild dyspnea can persist for years after removal of the exposure.
Both teams have reported evidence that some superfluidity persists even if the condensate is skewed so that as many as 70 percent of its atoms are of one spin type.
Adjustments persist, given the uncertainty of the disease.
12]), the disease would not persist in the target host.
Concluding that it could not afford to allow this to persist, the UK government established a Pension Protection Fund (PPF), which provides security along the lines of the PBGC.