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Intention to persist was measured with the self-reported question, "I will obtain a bachelor's degree from this university" using a 6-point Likert scale (l-strongly disagree to 6strongly agree).
2001), and poverty persists, we can assume the burden of disease due to biomass combustion will also continue to rise (Bruce et al.
0]>1, an initial infection can both become established and persist.
I believe the question, 'If a dissident Catholic leader persists in opposing fundamental Church teaching, should he or she be turned away if they present themselves for Communion,' has to be answered, 'Yes'" ("No communion for Kerry," Western Catholic Reporter, LifeSite News, May 21, 2004).
Persist was founded last year, and emerged from stealth only this summer with front-end archiving software and a grid-style back-end disk array.
If the child's perception of ability is low, he avoids the challenge, does not persist in the face of difficulty or drops out of the sport.
Flowers are inconspicuous, but the long, pea-like pods develop in the late summer and persist into late autumn, sometimes dangling from the branches into early winter.
Persist is a six clone synthetic that traces to a collection made from 1959 to 1961 from 6-yr-old or older stands of orchardgrass throughout Tennessee (Fribourg and Burns, 1961).
The number of new mortgages will experience modest month-on-month declines, but year-on-year gains will persist into 2003.
Only the BIG-IP solution has the required intelligence and processing power to switch, persist, or secure complex XML data to successfully deliver web services applications.
Both parties would have an incentive for business to persist that would help them achieve their targeted returns.