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You'd better do it at once,' he persisted, escaping to the porch (they were in the stable): 'you will have to: and if I speak of these blows, you'll get them again with interest.
I'm sure there must be something," persisted Magdalen.
In his lay capacity, he persisted in sitting down in the damp to such an insane extent, that when his coat was taken off to be dried at the kitchen fire, the circumstantial evidence on his trousers would have hanged him if it had been a capital offence.
But," persisted the queen, "if such be your advice and you have his interest at heart, send him help of men and money, for I can do nothing for him; I have sold even to my last diamond to aid him.
My dear sir," persisted Sir James, restraining his indignation within respectful forms, "it was you who brought him here, and you who keep him here--I mean by the occupation you give him.
I think that the real reason why I lost some of my affection for you was because you persisted in treating me without any confidence at all.
This was followed by the plaintive, querulous expression as the idea persisted and he clutched it anew.
Try as we might to resist it, we all felt the one sad conclusion which those empty places persisted in forcing on our minds.
When the Ass persisted in his effort, the man let him go and said, "Conquer, but conquer to your cost.
Nevertheless," persisted the Chief of Police, "it was a liberty that must have been very disagreeable, though it may not have hurt.
In the meantime," I persisted, "to return to what we were speaking of just now--"
Their privation and hardships were terrible, but they persisted.