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The main drivers of the advanced persistent threat protection market are rise in number of sophisticated attacks and strict government regualtions for cybersecurity which is pushing enterprises to adopt advanced persistent threat solutions to protect their network againt such targeted and zero-day threats.
TCOM is a leader in persistent surveillance solutions.
The programme is delivered by trained and accredited tutors, living with persistent pain themselves, who have become good pain self-managers.
The ExtraHop-Arista Persistent Monitoring Architecture capitalizes on Data ANalyZer (DANZ) capabilities in the Arista Extensible Operating System (EOS), delivering deep integration that enables IT teams to programmatically direct traffic to ExtraHop's Context and Correlation Engine (CCE) for persistent mobile visibility derived from real- time IT operations analytics.
Bower et al (8) described persistent sciatic artery into complete and incomplete variety.
The persistent Mullerian structures often tether the testes and impede their descent, causing unilateral or bilateral undescended testicles.
In the unadjusted analysis, the persistent Snorers tended toward a higher body mass index z score than did the transient snorers or the nonsnorers at both the 2-year and 3-year assessments.
Some had "acute" back pain (lasting less than three months), while others had persistent pain.
Neighbouring Knowsley is ranked joint third worst in the persistent absence chart with 9.1% of students regularly missing class.
Researchers in the environmental, biological, and earth sciences from around the world address the past, present, and possible future trends of artificial organic chemicals that are persistent in the environment and cause unintended effects on the environment and to the health of wildlife and humans.
If Mr Dixon considers my correspondence as persistent, then I view his as perpetual.

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