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For companies that have green standards to meet--as well as those that just want to save money--the energy savings that result from moving persistent data to enhanced-MAID architecture are definitely impressive.
The effect on the persistent data is quite different, however.
These new systems provide data management capabilities like their predecessors, allowing large quantities of persistent data to be shared by many users.
Persistent data is just like ordinary heap-allocated (transient) data: once a pointer is obtained to it, the user can just use it in the ordinary way.
Continuing EMC's leadership in the latest Flash technology and its commitment to promoting open standards to further advance the industry as a whole, EMC's Project Thunder, a server network attached appliance built entirely of high-speed PCIe Flash and optimized for persistent data stores with performance intensive workloads, will support the NVMe standard.
amp; CHICAGO -- SGI (NASDAQ: SGI), a global leader in HPC and data center solutions, today announced the release of the SGI[R] COPAN[TM] 400 platform, the next generation of the COPAN line of energy-efficient, persistent data storage solutions.
SGI Expands Storage Portfolio with High Performance Persistent Data Platform
com), the leader in persistent data storage solutions, and Software Generation Limited (SGL) (www.
We agree with Philip Russom, the author of this comprehensive research report, that operational data integration is an important and growing solutions space with the potential to solve many persistent data management problems," said Dr.
In taking a hybrid approach to file- and block-level storage, AIC makes it possible to address persistent data with NAS and transactional information (such as email stores) through cost-effective iSCSI SAN technology, using one device.
the industry leader in cost-effective storage solutions for the protection and management of Persistent Data, today announced two personnel moves aimed at accelerating the company's strong growth in the federal government sector.
COPAN Leverages GSA Agreement with Promark Technology to Make It Easier Than Ever for Government Agencies to Gain Dramatic Cost and Energy Savings in Persistent Data Storage

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