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Many desirable features for persistent object stores, such as concurrent and correct access to shared data and resilience to failures, have been defined and studied in the context of object-oriented database management systems (OODBMS).
Beyond basic sequential files, class-based persistent objects offer a range of opportunities, including:
Despite the utility of persistent objects, CORBA applications written prior to the adoption of the POA also required another type of object with a shorter lifetime.
Support for persistent objects as the basic abstraction;
A further benefit of this approach is that it makes loading the class methods for persistent objects simple.
In Proceedings of 4th Workshop on Persistent Object Systems Design, Implementation and Use (Martha's Vineyard, Sept.
ObjectStore divides a database into areas called segments, and whenever an application creates a new persistent object, it can specify the segment in which that object should be created.
The GemStone C++ interface provides both persistent storage for C++ applications and access to persistent objects stored in GemStone by applications written in other languages.
Refers to persistent object that have been created during the current session but not yet written to the database.
Secant Extreme Persistent Object Service for Java or C++ is priced at $1,599 per developer seat, with deployment licenses sold on a per-server CPU basis.
In addition, the Secant Extreme Persistent Object Service product has competed successfully against products from Persistence Software in head-to-head competition at customer locations around the globe.
the leading provider of advanced application server software technology for building e-Business solutions, has won the influential Java Developer's Journal (JDJ) Editor's Choice award for the Best Database Product for its Secant Extreme Persistent Object Service (Extreme POS) product.

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