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Secant Extreme Persistent Object Service for Java or C++ is priced at $1,599 per developer seat, with deployment licenses sold on a per-server CPU basis.
In addition, the Secant Extreme Persistent Object Service product has competed successfully against products from Persistence Software in head-to-head competition at customer locations around the globe.
the leading provider of advanced application server software technology for building e-Business solutions, has won the influential Java Developer's Journal (JDJ) Editor's Choice award for the Best Database Product for its Secant Extreme Persistent Object Service (Extreme POS) product.
We are very pleased to present the Java Developer's Journal Editor's Choice Award to Secant Extreme Persistent Object Service for Java," said Sean Rhody, editor-in-chief of Java Developer's Journal.
Interactive Messages can trigger events within themselves or other messages; persistent objects can remain on-screen throughout multiple message reads; hierarchical animations allow creation of complex animations-within-animations; and real-time particle effects and shaders add a truly unique look.
Building AJAX applications requires numerous small conversations that update server-side persistent objects, but they typically do not persist those objects until an overall longer conversation is completed.
Enhanced system administration and performance: -- Multithreaded online garbage collection automatically removes dereferenced persistent objects without needing to stop the system.
NET will slash this amount of data access code significantly by closing the gap between object oriented design and relational database systems and by seamless integration into distributed applications through their unique container concept for persistent objects.

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