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The remaining 85% of patients had persistently active disease.
McKinsey classified 75 percent of the persistently uninsured people as low-risk, based on their self-reported health status and answers they gave about their use of the health care system.
Parents could fall foul of the new system if their children are caught on "truancy sweeps", take excessive holidays during term time or persistently arrive late to school.
But party neglected him persistently and he was not awarded ticket this time.
Of the 14 persistently obese subjects who met criteria for metabolic syndrome at baseline, 6 remitted, 7 had metabolic syndrome continuously, and 1 remitted at 3 years only to once again meet criteria for the condition at 7 years.
Persistently had made up significant ground on the turn but was still under pressure from an active Alan Garcia.
The schools identified as persistently lowest-achieving were the bottom 14 schools in this combined ranking," the release said.
A fading recovery, persistently high unemployment, Europe&'s debt troubles and commercial real estate losses have garnered most of the attention.
Screening bulk milk on dairy farms or blood samples on beef farms have proven effective in demonstrating the presence of infection and probable persistently infected animals.
The centres are a key Tory policy and in 2003 Mr Russell called for separate "units" to be created to accommodate persistently unruly pupils.
In Redcar and Cleveland 120 pupils were persistently absent, up from 108, and 1,090 missed 13.
1 per cent of the comprehensive school's pupils were persistently absent.