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The discoloration was stubborn, persisting half a month, in which time happened divers events of importance.
Miss Rachel was in high good spirits, just in that humour for talking nonsense, and perversely persisting in it as if it was sense, which you may sometimes have observed in young girls, when they are highly wrought up, at the end of an exciting day.
I did my best to stop the torrent of his tears and protestations by persisting in treating the whole adventure as a good subject for a joke; and succeeded at last, as I imagined, in lessening Pesca's overwhelming sense of obligation to me.
Together with the persisting sense of terrible danger he was conscious now of a tranquil, unquenchable hate.
But we all three have known, I expect,' said the inventor, 'a pretty many cases of its fixed determination to be miles upon miles, and years upon years, behind the rest of us; and of its being found out persisting in the use of things long superseded, even after the better things were well known and generally taken up?
It is narrow asceticism; I don't like to see you persisting in it, Maggie.
As this new vortex pattern evolved it began the advection of moist air from the fringes of the tropical air persisting west of the Congo estuary.
ISLAMABAD, January 10, 2010 (Balochistan Times ): The intense wave of dense haze is still persisting all across Punjab including the provincial capital Lahore, surging the intensity of winter weather besides, adversely affecting traffic hustle and bustle, Geo news reported Sunday.
As in the deterministic case, low between- and within-species transmission prevents the pathogen from persisting in the target host (prevalence [approximately equal to] 0, Figure 3A; proportion of time pathogen was absent [approximately equal to] 100% , Figure 3B).
The alteration, furthermore, was permanent, persisting even after 240 days' maintenance in clean water after exposure.
When a politican is personally informed by his or her bishop of the grave moral offence, even after the Church and especially the Holy Father have continually taught this since the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965, which called abortion an "abominable crime"), then surely, if words mean anything at all, one must speak here of" obstinately persisting in a manifestly grave sin.