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Except on rare occasions like this, she persists in remaining at home.
if I saw you, at this moment, on the point of finding out for yourself what Eustace persists in hiding from you, I should remember that my promise, like all other promises, has its limits and reserves.
And, truly, I registered his advice as singularly valuable information, and filed it away in my brain, where it persists to this day.
He turned to the sentinel and added in German, "Draw the curtain again; and if the woman persists, put her back into this room with your own hand.
Great as the differences are, very much of this Anglo-Saxon pagan spirit persists centuries later in the English Puritans.
He is quite a nice, harmless little man, pleasant to talk to, good-tempered, and full of fun ; but he thinks he is too old to begin to learn new and uncomfortable ways, and he has that horror of being made better by his wife that distinguishes so many righteous men, and is shared by the Man of Wrath, who persists in holding his glass in his left hand at meals, because if he did not (and I don't believe he particularly likes doing it) his relations might say that marriage has improved him, and thus drive the iron into his soul.
And this persists even when from practice and through growing callousness of fibre we come to the point when nothing that we meet in that rapid blinking stumble across a flick of sunshine--which our life is--nothing, I say, which we run against surprises us any more.
Its Literature and Art have what one might call the kink of the unseen about them, and this persists even through decadence and affectation.
But, since he persists in hearing what he already well knows, you may convey the matter.
But if he persists in leaving us, you will not forget, dear, that association with a guest is one thing; association with a young man living out of the house is another.
Three-and-sixpence has been spent in vain-- the screens retire to Miss Clapp's bedroom, who persists in thinking them lovely.
He has been punished, not because he said he saw a ghost last night, but because he is too impudent and too obstinate to listen to reason, and because he persists in saying he saw the ghost after I have told him that no such thing can possibly be.