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It's this kind of persnickety timing that cost Darreld Murphy of Scottsburg his shot at glory on Sunday.
A: The first few weeks of the putting out the paper, I kept fussing over layout, fitting heads, getting persnickety with copy editing .
Jamie, you have to stay here forever," said Evelyn Davis, self-described "queen of the corporate jungle" and a perennial, sometimes persnickety presence at many companies' annual meetings.
For renters who like their music loud -- but run into trouble with persnickety neighbors -- drummer Graham Hawthorne, who's played with Aretha Franklin, Paul Simon and Harry Belafonte, among others, is renting out the top floor of his Harlem, may have the solution.
For senior-level recruitments, though, the industry has started to get more persnickety.
As you can see, it's essentially a wash, and it means that you can enjoy off-grid independence and a lifetime without power failures for the same amount of money it would take to hook into a persnickety power grid.
The female body is a persnickety thing, and puberty (especially spent in a leotard and tights) can be a breeding ground for disorders.
I promise to be freakishly peevish and particular, to the point of down right persnickety if necessary.
Not embracing these disciplines calls into question the persnickety appellation system championed by vineyard owners in prestigious wine regions such as Bordeaux, Champagne, and Napa.
This is important not only with customers and vendors but with other supplier types such as those persnickety financial service entities, your lenders.