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As a person of color growing up in this society, I was taught to hate myself and I did hate myself.
If Jewell Parker Rhodes says she never "encountered a single reading assignment or exercise that featured a person of color," she has corrected that oversight in fine fashion with her latest book, The African American Guide to Writing and Publishing Nonfiction.
In my research, I discovered that virtually every person of color has a story to tell of being a victim of racial profiling, and in some cases he or she has two," says Meeks.
Other statistics of note include: 85% of the youngsters said a woman would make a good President while 96% said that a person of color should have a turn in the White House.
it would be different with Michelle because she's a person of color.
Much of what is available to young readers follows the cliche of a young person of color dealing with an identity crisis because of their race.
As a person of color, I understand exactly your frustration and anger,'' Hayes, who is African-American, told the audience.
Recently I spoke with a friend about the strides that could be made in the eradication of white supremacy if; even for one day, every person of color publicly identified themselves as black But black like whom?
Though Pat Buchanan, presumptive Reform Party nominee, would like to soften his hard-edged image with a gentler running mate -- saying he'd like to run with a woman or person of color -- recent discussions have centered around Republican Rep.
Unfortunately there are a lot of businesses that don't care about me as a person of color and it's reflective of who they have working for them and with them," she insists.
When a poor person or a person of color is killed, you won a D.
The terrible tragedy is that, to some prosecutors, "neutral" has come to mean any person of color or whose ethnic background or nationality is perceived to make him or her sympathetic to the charged defendant's case.

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