person responsible

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The person responsible must be Miss Emily's aunt--and the old servant must have been in her confidence.
The person responsible and whom I looked upon as chief of all the business was, as he might have heard, too, a certain noble and loyal lady.
Officers say the person responsible then left the scene.
The Chief Minister directed that an inquiry should be held into the incident for identifying the person responsible for negligence while best treatment facilities be provided to the injured.
The person responsible for the attack had already left the area when police attended and enquiries are now ongoing to identify and locate the person responsible.
com @gibbonsb THE family of Black Country murder victim Tom Kirwan has teamed up with a charity to offer a PS15,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the person responsible for his death.
contact information for: (1) the person responsible for answering questions regarding
As Toronto police try to track down the person responsible for a devastating fire in Kensington Market last week, video has emerged of a man seen in the vicinity of another fire that razed a garage behind a neighbourhood restaurant just days before.
Officers investigating the incident are trying to identify the person responsible for punching another man unconscious.
Basra (NINA) - Defence Ministry announced the capture of the person responsible for the truck bomb explosio9n in Um Qasr port in Basra In a statement issued on Sunday, Aug.
Sinn Fein councillor Steven Corr warned the person responsible for the attack is clearly a danger and "needs to be taken off the streets".

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