person under guardianship

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Unlike Article 81, Article 17-A is a plenary guardianship statute that does not tailor the powers of the guardian to the specific needs of the person under guardianship.
In contrast, Article [17-A] contains no requirement that guardians report annually as to the personal or property status of the person under guardianship.
227) Therefore, the authors of Article 81 required that the court-appointed guardian visit the person under guardianship a minimum of four times per year.
personal well-being of the person under guardianship, as opposed to
2010) (stating that person under guardianship retains all powers and
note 25, at 119 ("[T]he person under guardianship is not, or is no
Terminating a guardianship--Typically, a guardianship ends when the person under guardianship or the guardian dies.
We also want to ensure the person under guardianship has financial resources to cover his or her needs.
Another may be to establish a special needs trust to provide financial support for the person under guardianship.
One area in which both the guardian and rehabilitation practitioner may be at risk of harming the person under guardianship is by not being aware of the constraints imposed by the guardianship order.
The extent to which the guardian or rehabilitation professional is obligated to actively promote the welfare and protect the rights of the person under guardianship is often difficult to define.
This will assist in minimizing ethical conflicts and will reflect more accurately the values and lifestyle of both the person under guardianship and the client whose competency may be in question.

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