person who writes

See: author
References in classic literature ?
No; a letter concerns no one but the person who writes it and the one to whom it is written.
My Lord, The person who writes these few lines had the honor of crossing swords with you in the little enclosure of the Rue d'Enfer.
At present, he told reporter, a writer (a person who writes on behalf of a blind ) is provided for writing down the answers uttered by the blind candidate appearing in these exams.
JW Gray detests the Tories, any person who writes about them is a Tory propagandist and his views are the only one that matter.
Mohammed ElBaradei finally emerges in his rightful place, as the opposition person who writes a Times op-ed.
As Murray said, "The writer is a person who writes.
The person who writes the questions for the pounds 1-a-minute quizzes between the breaks on STV.
Although I am a person who writes for a living, I feel I don't have the words inside me to describe the person that this woman was or how she touched the lives of so many people during the short time she was on this earth.

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