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PERSONABLE. Having the capacities of a person; for example, the defendant was judged personable to maintain this action. Old Nat. Brev. 142. This word is obsolete.

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Sinn Fein councillor Willie Clarke sai"They were a quiet, personable couple.
The latest transaction brings the number of acquisitions made by Personable during the last six months to two.
Kieran Sweeney, the chairman of Personable Holdings Inc, said, 'We are well positioned to execute our long-term growth strategy following this acquisition.
Personable Pet Care provides in-home pet care for family pets when the pet parents can't be there when traveling or working long hours.
Both had been better than average students, both were personable and both--as young college graduates are--were filled with dreams for the future.
Atlanta and London are two booming business capitals, separated by seven hours and 4,000 miles of ocean, where conversation and commerce mix easily in the right setting: an inviting bar, over well-crafted drinks, with personable bartenders keeping it all flowing, the perfect host skilled in welcoming guests on their first or 30th visit.
Abe will be remembered by his colleagues for his complex real estate problem solving prowess, his exceptionally ethical standards and personable demeanor.
Educating the listener on a more natural and personable method of inducing a more relaxed and deep sleep, Sleep Through Insomnia acts as an invaluable and "user friendly" aid to a more thorough and fulfilling sleep through practical and unconventional methods of meditation and the intertwining of celestially intimate music.
Lencioni does have a knack for creating personable characters that readers can empathize with to lead them through the story.
Jay's animated, personable, fully differentiated reading is a treat.
A bright and personable graduate, Gemma was extremely well thought of," they said.