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PERSONABLE. Having the capacities of a person; for example, the defendant was judged personable to maintain this action. Old Nat. Brev. 142. This word is obsolete.

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Harris & Fink, 1987; Macan & Dipboye, 1990; Taylor & Bergmann, 1987) examined the impact of recruiter informativeness and personableness.
The personableness in Newman's prose is advanced by the friendliness of his conversational idiom, which intends to establish an intimate relationship between himself and his reader.
The personableness that Metzger projects, at least on his own program, appears to be a genuine aspect of his character.
That growth is due, says president Nathan Lipsyc, to the personableness of the chain's pharmacists.
We anticipate through the '80s and '90s a vast increase in personal services, etc, and a lot of that involves personableness.
Saloman may, in a Romantic vein, value the gentle personableness of essayists who engage common readers (she brings helpful attention to this Romantic aspect of Woolf's essays) and wonder whether common readers would be alienated by modernists' aggressively intellectual novelistic techniques in ways that forestall their chances for unpressured hypothetical thoughts.