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PERSONABLE. Having the capacities of a person; for example, the defendant was judged personable to maintain this action. Old Nat. Brev. 142. This word is obsolete.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Following the publication of Alderfer and McCord's study, several other researchers (e.g., Harris & Fink, 1987; Macan & Dipboye, 1990; Taylor & Bergmann, 1987) examined the impact of recruiter informativeness and personableness. Although these studies differed in terms of their research designs (e.g., Taylor and Bergmann gathered longitudinal data while most researchers gathered cross-sectional data) and their data analysis strategies (e.g., unlike most researchers, in order to better evaluate recruiter effects, Harris and Fink controlled for pre-interview impressions of job attributes), they generally replicated the results of Alderfer and McCord.
Inextricably tied to a conversational style is the notion that the personableness of a work mirrors the artist.
The personableness that Metzger projects, at least on his own program, appears to be a genuine aspect of his character.
That growth is due, says president Nathan Lipsyc, to the personableness of the chain's pharmacists.
We anticipate through the '80s and '90s a vast increase in personal services, etc, and a lot of that involves personableness. It involves the ability to take the pressure of working behind the counter at McDonald's.
Saloman may, in a Romantic vein, value the gentle personableness of essayists who engage common readers (she brings helpful attention to this Romantic aspect of Woolf's essays) and wonder whether common readers would be alienated by modernists' aggressively intellectual novelistic techniques in ways that forestall their chances for unpressured hypothetical thoughts.