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PERSONABLE. Having the capacities of a person; for example, the defendant was judged personable to maintain this action. Old Nat. Brev. 142. This word is obsolete.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The clinical sociologist must pay attention to this dimension because, as we have seen above, s/he must be personably involved in the research process at different levels (e.g., "...
The Oberoi offers 24-hour butler service, rare in Dubai but nothing new; it was the way that staff genuinely listened and interacted so personably with guests that was impressive.
By accepting the interview as a fictional text Zelarayan does not hold Borges responsible for his comments just as many readers do not hold writers of fiction personably responsible for the horrendous events of their stories.
Particularly on social media, speak personably (not professionally).
Lauren Child's pictures, Clarice Bean style, are so appropriate for Astrid Lindgren's personably wayward Pippi Longstocking (45) that it was a stroke of genius from whoever put them together.
An international specialist in impression management and etiquette training has highlighted the importance of communicating effectively, insisting that understanding cultural sensitivities and being able to convey a message strongly and personably can help bring people from different parts of the world closer together.
* Engage personably with the musicians, administrators, sponsors, and audience members that form a community around an ensemble.
A machine might have labeled the grieving man as a security threat, but Ekman got to the truth more efficiently and personably.
If you are attending an interview, this can help you not just to come across personably but also to ask the kind of questions that they want to hear of you.