personal bias

References in classic literature ?
Believe, me," he added, after a moment's pause, "whatever my personal bias may be, what I am saying to you now is not actuated in the slightest by any feelings of jealousy.
He much regretted that any personal bias should have been read into his remarks, which were entirely dictated by his desire for scientific truth.
An Irish terrier, with no personal bias towards either side, was dancing round and attacking each in turn as he came uppermost.
As an aside to this truthfulness of feelings, perhaps it might be better for everyone if personal bias especially in the press and media were put right on the table in the open.
Grasz will insert personal bias into his judging, which is one of the ABAs unverifiedand unverifiableclaims against him.
While McGrath didn't specify what those "personal feelings" are, one of those could be James' personal bias against Lena.
While then-Solicitor General Francis Jardeleza accused the Chief Justice and the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) of grave abuse of discretion, the Supreme Court in its Decision did not make any categorical pronouncement that the JBC, much less the Chief Justice, acted 'whimsically, capriciously or arbitrarily out of malice, ill will or personal bias.
Swafford does admit to a certain degree of personal bias in this book, and I claim the same in this review.
The judge is alleged to have a personal bias and close associations with both Planned Parenthood and NAF.
A particular concern is counter transference, meaning that the provider might react to a patient's behavior based on personal bias.
The first step is recognition of your personal bias by taking the Implicit Association Test at implicit.
Media shot themselves right in the heart because they failed to remove their own personal bias and report objectively.