personal characteristic

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But these are not the prominent personal characteristics which distinguish him, to my mind, from all the other men I have ever seen.
In addition, the regression equation with all four personal characteristic variables was significant for CC:HiSac for both male and female coaches.
Interestingly, smell beat out overall appearance, which 67% rated as most important, and 66% rated fresh breath as the third most important personal characteristic.
For instance, a person is unable to focus attention on a personal characteristic while driving a nail into wood.
Sexual orientation is "a deeply personal characteristic that is either unchangeable or changeable only at unacceptable personal costs" (para.
Caught in the middle are gay service members like those I knew in my Army years, men and women who reflect a cross section of America, have sworn to defend their country, and want only to do their jobs without the risk of losing their careers because of a personal characteristic that is irrelevant to military service.
Proof of identity comes in three verifiable forms: something one knows (for example, a password), something one can present (such as an identification card) or a measurable personal characteristic (for example, a fingerprint, voice or retina scan).
he is gay, which is a personal characteristic which has the effect of his being viewed as less capable or worthy of recognition as a human being and less deserving of respect and consideration on an equal basis with the balance of society.
A recent court decision in which a judge sought to read in to the Act this personal characteristic in order to ensure that homosexuals are protected from unjust discrimination is being appealed by the government, and has been bitterly denounced by various politicians in and outside of the Alberta Legislature.
Or is a personal characteristic such as their "tolerance for ambiguity"--the way people react to uncertain situations--an important factor in lending decisions?
In the past, many individuals with disabilities have been reluctant to identify with, or to behave politically on the basis of, their most prominent personal characteristic because of the attitudinal aversion and the assumptions of physical inferiority associated with disability.
Korn Ferry International's annual survey of directors found the most sought-after personal characteristic of a director from a board chairperson's or chief executive officer's point of view was a supportive personality.