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A growing number of carriers are using global-positioning systems, personal digital assistants and other wireless devices to handle daily tasks.
GDT) and RESPONSE Services Center, LLC have announced a business alliance to support delivery of telematics services to virtually any device that can communicate data and provide location, including smart phones, wireless personal digital assistants and vehicle- installed telematics units.
Now we are witnessing the development of personal digital assistants, wireless e-mail devices, web access over cellular phones, the merger of cellular telephones with personal digital assistants, family radio service (the new small walkie-talkie type radios), automobile driving directions based on global positioning technology and other new technologies which will be the next "absolute necessities.
The Federal Reserve Board announced on August 25, 2000, that wireless personal digital assistants can be used to access and read items on the Board's public web site.
HPCs, which alternately have been called personal digital assistants, palmtops and PC companions, are the grown up offspring of handy, low-cost electronic organizers, used mostly to keep schedules and organize data.

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