personal effect

See: chattel
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They raged around Sid like a hail-storm; and before Aunt Polly could collect her surprised faculties and sally to the rescue, six or seven clods had taken personal effect, and Tom was over the fence and gone.
I have made every inquiry, but cannot trace any personal effects or letter.
The remaining wagons were loaded with such rude furniture and other personal effects, as might be supposed to belong to one, ready at any moment to change his abode, without reference to season or distance.
From its international beginnings, it was a play with a deeply personal effect.
De palabra en palabra is the title of the exhibition catalogue, and indeed, word for word, world-pictures are created whenever someone explains the choice of some personal effect or recounts a memory--when a projectionist, for instance, rattles off his account of the film playing in the cinema and comments on the reactions of the audience.
Even our MBA-addled president has been moved to denounce practices he once employed to great personal effect in a previous incarnation as CEO and three-card monte champion at Harken Oil.
11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Fifteen gowns and dresses previously owned by Whitney Houston, some worn on-stage and others at events and galas, plus some of the late singing legend's personal effects -- such as pins, costume jewelry and other stage items -- will be sold at public auction on Saturday, Nov.
A House leader is seeking to raise the tax and customs duties exemption of balikbayan boxes from US$500 to US$2,000, and the personal effects of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and other returning Filipino migrants or residents abroad whose value does not exceed P100,000.
Former Cyprus Republic president Glafcos Clerides was a fierce warrior for peace with a vision for a reunified Cyprus, but he was never fortunate enough to have as an interlocutor at the negotiating table someone like Mustafa Akinci, said President Nicos Anastasiades on Monday, speaking at the opening of an exhibition of the former president's personal effects.
The watches and memorabilia have been handpicked to depict the journey and rise of the Seddiqi family from one single store operation in the 1950's to the powerhouse that it is now, and include will personal effects of the late founder Mr.
Traders for the chop were led up to the personnel department, where they were given their personal effects along with a letter telling them to take a fortnight's paid leave and then come back for their redundancy terms.

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