personal equation

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In order to practice anticipating effects like the black drop and to work out the personal equations of visual observers in advance of the 1874 transit, astronomers at several institutions built artificial transit machines.
When asked about her personal equation with Madonna, Melissa replies, "I've never met Madonna.
" For the Asian century to become a reality," Wen said, " it was important that China and India live in harmony and friendship." Both stressed their personal equation, with Singh gushing that he was " excited" to meet Wen again, while Wen called Singh an " old friend".
Given that the previous round of WTO talks collapsed over profound differences between India and the US, the meet offers India's new commerce minister Anand Sharma, and President Obama's new trade representative Ron Kirk, a chance to get a personal equation going.
Personal equations with the secretary of state or NSA mattered most.
Recalling his personal equations with Dikshit, Malhotra said he enjoyed a good personal rapport despite being ideological opponents.
He led from the front in diplomatic engagements and managed to carve out personal equations with world leaders which has paid dividends.

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