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Eliot, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, poet and playwright died of emphysema in 1965, with a personal estate totalling 105,272 pounds, over 1.
When the will was proved in London on September 10, Cassandra swore as Executrix "to the Truth and faithful Performance thereof and that the whole of the Deceaseds Personal Estate and Effects does not amount in value to the Sum of Eight hundred Pounds.
In addition to advising on personal estate and tax planning issues, she also advises clients on business succession planning.
Fergie provided not only the inspiration for this special fund; he actually contributed the first $25,000 from his personal estate.
Sainsbury, a member of the billionaire supermarket family and owner of notable jumpers Western Sunset and Coonawara, died in September aged 76, leaving a personal estate of pounds 300m.
On death, funds left over in the pension pot would be added to a personal estate and subjected to Inheritance Tax (IHT) at 40p in the pound.
What I found fascinating about it is you could help people both in their personal estate or business tax planning and avoid taxes in a lot of cases.
Treating the Seibu group, which includes publicly traded companies, like a personal estate is simply unacceptable.
This is a way for taxpayers to transfer assets out of their personal estate.
Moser has provided invaluable assistance to over the years and has served as my personal estate attorney as well--just to clear the record.
More important, he will navigate through deep divisions within Iraq's Shiite majority, a Sunni Arab minority long exploited by the thugs of the Baath Arab Socialist Party which under Saddam ruled a country the size of France as a personal estate and killed almost as many people as Pol Pot did in Cambodia, the Kurds of the north who have been successfully democratised thanks to US help since 1991, the fractious remnants of a Hashemite monarchy that was overthrown in 1958, Turanist Turkomans who are dreaming of the old Turkestan, a Christian minority of Assyrians who dream of reviving an ancient empire, and various other Christian groups some of whom were once part of the Mesopotamian empire.
Beyond business-specific details, experts note that a well-developed succession plan should incorporate the following key components: communication within the business and the family, leadership selection and training, strategic planning, personal estate planning and personal retirement planning.

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