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Bureaucratic continental empires were directly dependent on the rulers and these rulers treated their states as "personal estates".
Eliot, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, poet and playwright died of emphysema in 1965, with a personal estate totalling 105,272 pounds, over 1.6 million pounds today.
By contrast Darwin, the naturalist who set out the theory of evolution in The Origin Of Species, left a personal estate worth pounds 146,911 (around pounds 13m today) at his death in 1882.
The CG also informed Islamabad police that Haque left a will nominating his business partner, Brian Lee, as sole executor and sole beneficiary of his personal estate.
Recovery could then be sought directly against the estate since "it would be absurd to require them to seek satisfaction of their judgment first out of Cook's personal estate when he is immediately entitled to recoup his loss from the trust estate." (65)
It seems like the people who need to address their personal estate planning the most are usually the ones who are least likely to do it.
A grant of probate was made to release his personal estate of pounds 455,990, which was reduced after liabilities to pounds 377,548.
She supposedly made her fortune in Standard Oil and, back in her younger days at least, had a personal estate of over $2 million.
The Pelican Caye Island is the one of the few private islands on the Turneffe Atoll and is perfect for a personal estate."
When the will was proved in London on September 10, Cassandra swore as Executrix "to the Truth and faithful Performance thereof and that the whole of the Deceaseds Personal Estate and Effects does not amount in value to the Sum of Eight hundred Pounds." The negative suggests the limited wealth that accrued to Jane Austen from the publication of her novels.
Fergie provided not only the inspiration for this special fund; he actually contributed the first $25,000 from his personal estate.
When engaged in personal estate planning, these individuals express reluctance to tie assets up in an irrevocable trust, despite the estate tax planning benefits of doing so.

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