personal gain

See: earnings
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ISLAMABAD -- The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has barred controversial host and former politician Aamir Liaquat Hussain from appearing on TV for using Islam for his personal gain and spreading hatred.
Mendoza said it was accused pork barrel mastermind Janet Lim-Napoles who misappropriated the PDAF for personal gain, and not Revilla.
Taking advantage of charitable donors good faith for personal gain is unacceptable, DeWine said.
Claiming she was asked to come up with a video concept in a week, she writes in a post on her website that the people she once trusted have "used me, lied to me, worked me into the ground for the personal gain.
It is an offence in Belgium to sell match briefs for personal gain, but Newcastle United have insisted the sale was not illegal because it was authorised by the club and "was not for personal gain".
I appreciate the committee's ruling that I made no personal gain and I regret my foolishness in the manner I chose to be reimbursed for work including working as the Prime Minister's personal envoy in Europe.
I am glad the committee notes that there is no question of personal gain.
They allegedly conspired with Arroyo during her last years in office to divert public funds for her personal gain.
Mubarak, who denies charges that she abused her husband's influence for unlawful personal gain, was admitted to hospital on Friday after suffering symptoms of a heart attack.
Looks like he preferred sleeping with the enemy and personal gain.
But when he suddenly stumbles upon the art of lying, he begins to exploit deceit for personal gain with his best friend, Greg.