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Personal Injury

Any violation of an individual's right, other than his or her rights in property.

The term personal injury is not confined to physical injuries, although Negligence cases usually do involve bodily injuries.


Tort Law.

personal injury

an injury to the person. Although it appears a simple phrase to interpret, in some contexts it has proven difficult. Challenging issues for the law have included whether a foetus born alive and surviving very briefly could sue for personal injury; whether an action against a solicitor for failing to raise an action for personal injury was or was not a personal injury action or whether an unplanned pregnancy was a personal injury. Often the phrase is given a definition or a partial definition in statutes.
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The methods used by some companies reinforce misleading and negative perceptions about personal injuries.
Personal injuries caused in a construction accident may result in serious injuries to the neck, back, extremities or the head, implications of which can be very severe.
The taxpayer and her husband sued for personal injuries and loss of consortium.
For personal injuries, that includes such areas as slip and fall, motor vehicle accidents, premises liability and miscellaneous torts.
Personal Injury Report features coverage of cases involving a range of personal injuries, including automobile accidents, premises liability for slip and fall accidents and falling objects, medical malpractice, workplace injuries and product liability.
10B(b) provides that reimbursed expenses incurred by an employee for medical care for personal injuries or sickness may be excluded from gross income if those amounts are paid through employer-provided accident or health insurance.
People who sue for personal injuries and win punitive damage awards - those often-large sums that juries hand down to punish companies - must pay taxes on the awards, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday.
Colorado state law characterized the prejudgment interest as compensation for personal injuries.
Section 104(a)(2) provides that gross income does not include "the amount of any damages received (whether by suit or agreement and whether as lump sum or periodic payments) on account of personal injuries or sickness.
Waldman has successfully represented union members in serious cases involving personal injuries, wrongful death, insurance denial, and civil litigation matters, and has offices in Houston, Austin, Beaumont, Pasadena, and most recently, Pearland, TX.
Bus accidents are complicated cases and to prove that a person suffered severe personal injuries due to the negligence of a bus driver requires thorough investigation for the reason that there can be more than one identifiable defendants.
In Burke, the Court said that for damages to be excludable under the personal injuries provision, the underlying claim had to be based on "tort or tort-type rights.

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