personal injury

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Personal Injury

Any violation of an individual's right, other than his or her rights in property.

The term personal injury is not confined to physical injuries, although Negligence cases usually do involve bodily injuries.


Tort Law.

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personal injury

an injury to the person. Although it appears a simple phrase to interpret, in some contexts it has proven difficult. Challenging issues for the law have included whether a foetus born alive and surviving very briefly could sue for personal injury; whether an action against a solicitor for failing to raise an action for personal injury was or was not a personal injury action or whether an unplanned pregnancy was a personal injury. Often the phrase is given a definition or a partial definition in statutes.
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That's because if someone decides to seek damages for what you have said online, it constitutes a personal injury claim.
This instructional guide for paralegals is devoted to personal injury cases, with a distinct focus on the medical information that must be understood in order for a tort to be prepared.
"Quantum means the amount of compensation that should be paid for a personal injury."
In addition, based on a review of the legislation that implemented Congress' taxing power provided in the 16th Amendment, particularly the original exclusion for personal injury damages, the court found that the framers of the 16th Amendment would not have construed compensatory damages for nonphysical injuries to be income.
ARC says pounds 270m of this scam comes directly from drivers - while the other pounds 100m is earned when insurers, claims management companies and motoring organisations offer personal injury claims to solicitors, for a kickback which is typically pounds 600 per case.
Personal Injury Report features coverage of cases involving a range of personal injuries, including automobile accidents, premises liability for slip and fall accidents and falling objects, medical malpractice, workplace injuries and product liability.
FOUR out of five people think their car insurance covers them for personal injury but they are wrong.
In 1995 Saskatchewan, Canada, switched to a no-fault legal system for personal injury while increasing medical and income-replacement benefits for injured parties.
A state prisoner brought a [section] 1983 action after a default judgment was issued against him in a civil personal injury action because he failed to appear due to his detention in jail on an unrelated criminal action.
They offer a range of legal services including personal injury and and accident claims, civil and commercial, litigation, employment law, education, community care and disability law, family and children law, criminal law, welfare benefits and human rights law.
Increasingly, property owners are being named as defendants in cases where there has been either property damage or personal injury as a result of mold growth.

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