personal mark

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Ivanov missed a great opportunity to improve his authority among the Albanians, making a personal mark on the completion of the Ohrid Agreement.
And trimming up has gone beyond a nice tree and tinsel to making one's personal mark on the National Grid.
When it comes to exterior illumination, nothing less than making your personal mark on the National Grid will do.
The eleven films he did bear the distinctive, personal mark of an artist who invariably invested his work with subversive ideas, weird characters, fey wit, and a great sense of fun.
Career Uniforms metal distinguishing marks of purchase: degree mark star, Collar Badge, VSAT Commander, the VSAT official personal mark, Caps sign Tie pin (female, Tie pin (male, small uniforms saga Large uniforms saga.
Shapero graces the cover, and his music clearly made a personal mark on the book's author.
Individuals have been putting their own personal mark on proceedings.
On this occasion, marking the Bulletin's 100th issue, I would like to stress that aside from meticulously gathering and selecting information, the hard-working team of the Public Diplomacy Sector and our partner the MIC frequently introduce inventive solutions to the Bulletin's content, thus leaving a personal mark, which gives the Journal an added value and makes it a representative tool of Public Diplomacy as one of the more significant tasks of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Registering (free) as a Citizen Scientist they can make a personal mark in furthering our fish's future and well-being.
It has also seen current and former workers leave their own personal mark on the site, with roadways and geographical features named after them.
This new generation is well on the way to making its personal mark as well.
The activities also include visA[degrees] its to mangrove nurseries, where guests are encouraged to plant mangroves to leave their own personal mark on Oman's landA[degrees] scape.