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Commonwealth heptathlon champion Kelly Sotherton had a better afternoon as she came first in the long jump and set a new personal mark of 13.
The Prime Minister used his speech to stamp his personal mark on the next Labour manifesto, making it clear policies must change with the times in a third term in Government.
Chris Webber put his personal mark on the game by hitting the visitors' last six points of the quarter to make the score at the break 22- 25 in their favour.
This was the newly elected US Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, determined to leave her own personal mark on this historic visit.
But he stressed that there is a big difference between having it merely as a ZIP code and having 666 as a personal identifier: "As a Christian that would not only be embarrassing, but cause much anguish because it's more like the biblical personal mark.
Silva, a junior who won in 11-3, broke her personal mark by 3 inches.
I'd only wanted to brighten up my house and make my own personal mark on it but I didn't imagine that it would be with disastrous consequences.
The amphitheatre set a personal mark in 2006 when it hosted its latest concert ever, a sold-out show with Aerosmith/Motley Crue on October 11.
In a lavish celebration of personal wealth, typical of the time, he wanted to put a personal mark on the already inspiring landscape.
Modern consumers want brands, products, and experiences that offer more, including allowing them to make their own personal mark, however they don't want to see the proverbial 'man behind the curtain'," Dr.
The exhibit, set to open on April 13th, allows children to create their own masterpieces and leave their personal mark on the museum while making new friends.
Why has Trimming Up become all about making a personal mark on the National Grid?

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