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Second, the plan incurs expenses for the use of personal medical services by its enrollees.
The PCT has taken into consideration how it can best provide alternative general and personal medical services for this group of patients.
9m in the next financial year from the county's locally agreed Personal Medical Services contract, which covers 90% of practices.
The move comes after Coventry Teaching Primary Care Trust - which funds Personal Medical Services (PMS) contracts to GPs - held talks with the 30 practices affected.
The most significant pay difference found by the survey was between GPs on a national General Medical Services contract and those on a locallyfunded Personal Medical Services deal.
In April, it was awarded Government money to fund three advanced nursing practitioners, under the personal medical services scheme designed to attract staff into inner city areas where it has been traditionally difficult to recruit.
Julie Johnston is practice manager at Corbridge Health Centre and is the chairman of the Personal Medical Services negotiating group.
Coventry Teaching PCT's move to lift the notice to end the personal medical services (PMS) contracts followed talks with city GPs.
Health professionals would be funded by the Government's personal medical services scheme, which provides salaries for doctors and nurses, particularly for areas where it is difficult to recruit staff.

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