personal presence

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Petersburg, he bethought him that his personal presence in the capital was necessary for the due management of his affairs.
It gloomed, it loomed, it was something, it was somebody, the prodigy of a personal presence.
Father Brown had also sprung forward, striving to compose the dispute; but he soon found his personal presence made matters worse.
de Bellegarde appeared to have nothing more to suggest; but he continued to stand there, rigid and elegant, as a man who believed that his mere personal presence had an argumentative value.
Maintaining sound and effective relationships with the Board, government and industry stakeholders, co-investors and other research partners, and as the face of the organisation operating in a funded environment, a strong personal presence and the ability to form win-win partnerships in public and private sectors will be vital.
SIO calls on citizens to benefit of these services through Hamad Town Post Office, as their personal presence is not needed at the SIO office.
He said that personal presence demonstrated by elected representative shows that they were aware of the plight of the people of Chitral.
KUWAIT, June 27 (KUNA) -- Kuwait National Guard (KNG) Chief His Highness sheikh Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah said as strong as "we condemn the despicable terrorist attack, we hold high the personal presence of His Highness the Amir at the blast scene, which had the most profound impact on all citizens.
In third and last stage, the work gets done when they are not present because they have created a culture that exists beyond their personal presence," he said.
She assured the gathering of her personal presence at meetings of the traders with sales tax department, VAT officials that she will facilitate.
He also added that this will be enhanced by the initiative that BHB launched few weeks ago allowing UAE and GCC licensed brokerage firms to directly trade on the BHB without the need of personal presence or representative offices in Bahrain.
Emiratis can avail of this service anywhere, any time without the hassle of visiting the service centres except for special cases that require personal presence, Khaleej Times reported.

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