personal reasons

See: motive
References in classic literature ?
"If I can come within sword's reach of Sab Than," I answered, "I can solve the difficulty in so far as Helium is concerned, but for personal reasons I would prefer that another struck the blow that frees Dejah Thoris."
Now Tarzan felt no fear of Taug, nor did the unwritten law of the jungle demand that he should flee from battle with any male, unless he cared to from purely personal reasons. But Tarzan liked Taug.
by his good fortune, and many will have personal reasons
"I rather gathered that you had some more definite--more personal reason for my hurrying.
For some personal reason Monsieur Flaubert preferred it.
"Van Helsing would, I know, do anything for me for a personal reason, so no matter on what ground he comes, we must accept his wishes.
Also, Liu succeeds Jianjun Sun who resigned for personal reasons.
Jack was withdrawn from the Australia squad ahead of the championships in Gwangju with the swimmer and Swimming Australia (SA) initially saying it was for personal reasons.
Kamat cited personal reasons as the reason for his resignation from the post.
Aranas quit for 'personal reasons' and the President 'just accepted the resignation,' presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo said on Thursday.
Purisima's planned trip is for personal reasons, and it was granted over the objection of the prosecution on May 24.
ISLAMABAD -- Board of Investment (BoI) Chairman Haroon Sharif resigned from his post yesterday citing personal reasons.

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