personal representatives

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personal representatives

executors or administrators of a deceased person's estate.

PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVES. These words are construed to mean the executors or administrators of the person deceased. 6 Mad. R. 159; 2 Mad. R. 155; 5 Ves. 402; 1 Madd. Ch. 108.

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This tip applies equally to those making their Wills and the personal representatives charged with following it.
6) Between the trial court's ruling and the appeal, the plaintiffs filed pleadings to open an estate, but a personal representative had not been appointed.
The appellate court held that "plaintiffs' failure to name a personal representative in the foreclosure action did not divest the circuit court of jurisdiction" over the matter.
It appears, then, that nonprofessional executors or personal representatives who handle estates without trade or business assets cannot be deemed to be in a business themselves.
The law basically requires that personal representatives be Florida residents, unless they are also related to the decedent.
In each of these circumstances, the parent is not the personal representative of the minor and does not automatically have the right of access to health information specific to the situation, unless the minor requests that the parent act as the personal representative and have access.
After Marine's death, the personal representatives chose two individuals to receive gifts totaling $25,000.
As an alternative for the satisfaction of recurring obligations, personal representatives can purchase a commercial annuity from an unrelated dealer and deduct the sum of 1) the amount paid for the commercial annuity, 2) amounts paid prior to the purchase of the annuity in satisfaction of the obligation, and 3) any additional amount in excess of the commercial annuity amount necessary to satisfy the obligation.
RPPTL has had a long-standing legislative position to oppose any change to the state's personal representative statutes, which prohibit out-of-state residents, except for relatives of the deceased, from being personal representatives.
Congress could also allow a personal representative to elect to treat all or a part of an estate's administration expenses as (1) a deduction in computing an estate's (or trust's) taxable income or (2) a Sec.
You may wish to ensure that you have provisions in your will that allow your Personal Representatives to make elections with Canada Customs and Revenue Agency to continue to defer the tax on RRSPs for your financially dependent children.
In a nutshell, the Board of Governors on July 28, 2006, delayed re-approving a long-standing lobbying position for RPPTL effectively opposing the inclusion of out-of-state attorneys as authorized personal representatives in probate cases.

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