personal representatives

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personal representatives

executors or administrators of a deceased person's estate.
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PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVES. These words are construed to mean the executors or administrators of the person deceased. 6 Mad. R. 159; 2 Mad. R. 155; 5 Ves. 402; 1 Madd. Ch. 108.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It is not uncommon that the personal representative pays them without much deliberation, often based upon his or her belief that the decedent "would have wanted it that way." In states that have adopted the entirety of [section]3-715 of the Uniform Probate Code (2010) (UPC), which authorizes a personal representative to take certain enumerated actions, the personal representative would generally be justified in making the payment.
personal representatives for the estate, the nonfamily beneficiaries sold their parcels to neighbor Ryan for amounts greater than the estate appraiser's values: McGeehan sold his 10.67 acres for $2 million with a life estate for himself, Hurkman sold his 5.49 acres for $2.2 million, and Wrzesinski sold his 20.691 acres for $1,325 million.
For personal representatives, early, often and clear communication with beneficiaries is the number one thing that they can do to reduce the risk of conflict.
"The legislature has simply made the decision that all personal representatives other than close family members should be state residents," Richard wrote.
The IRS generally does not consider fees received as nonprofessional executors or personal representatives to fall into this category.
Provisions that are specific to unemancipated minors determine whether a parent who is not the minor's personal representative under the rule may have access to the minor's protected health information.
The Tax Court said the broad discretionary power given the personal representatives made the charitable bequest's value unascertainable at the date of Marine's death.
Congress could also allow a personal representative to elect to treat all or a part of an estate's administration expenses as (1) a deduction in computing an estate's (or trust's) taxable income or (2) a Sec.
A single parent must first consider naming a Personal Representative of the estate.
Presently pending before the board is an additional request that the OOSPD lobbying position (i.e., in favor of expansion of the class of personal representatives to include all Florida lawyers) be adopted as the official lobbying position of The Florida Bar, thereby effectively preempting the RPPTL position.
Florida Estate Tax and Responsibilities of Personal Representatives
The philosophy is that the personal representative is in charge of moving the estate administration along, only seeking court supervision if required, but otherwise following an administrative pathway which is clearly set out in the rules.

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