personal resources

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Living up to his income; having no expectations from any living creature; possessing in landed property only some thirty or forty acres in Somersetshire, with a quaint little dwelling, half farm house, half-cottage, attached-- he was incapable of providing the needful security from his own personal resources.
Madame de Bellegarde, with a movement very eloquent of what he would have called her "grit," her steel-cold pluck and her instinctive appeal to her own personal resources, drew her hand out of her son's arm and went and seated herself upon the bench.
When personal resources, insurance, and government loans and grants are not sufficient to meet the needs of disaster survivors, local long-term recovery groups (LTRG) are formed to provide safety nets.
For the first time since Mercy Corps started delivering aid into the Aleppo governorate three years ago, families we spoke to said that they depend on our food aid to survive; their personal resources are now completely exhausted," says Bowers.
Personal resources like Journaling questions and a small group guide help women support each other on the way.
Older people who make it back to work also appear to do so through their own efforts, using personal resources and networks, rather than official support, said the study.
Pouring all his personal resources into establishing the vineyard so he could actually source locally, Pillsbury, until now, has been making wines under custom crush contracts with local wineries.
Credit unions exist to bring people together in a cooperative effort so their members can receive low-cost, high-quality financial services, no matter their personal resources.
He used his own personal resources to bring about a conversion of an eyesore into a wonderful historical preservation.
This study applied transactional stress and coping theory to explore the contributions of counselor gender, years of experience, perceived working conditions, personal resources of mindfulness, use of coping strategy, and compassion satisfaction to predict compassion fatigue and burnout in a national sample of 213 mental health counselors.
But now, I am running out of even my personal resources," the district chief complained.
The Geneva-based WHO says that health is a positive concept emphasising social and personal resources, as well as physical capacities.

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