personal resources

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Living up to his income; having no expectations from any living creature; possessing in landed property only some thirty or forty acres in Somersetshire, with a quaint little dwelling, half farm house, half-cottage, attached-- he was incapable of providing the needful security from his own personal resources. To appeal to wealthy friends in the City would be to let those friends into the secret of his embarrassments, and to put his credit in peril.
Madame de Bellegarde, with a movement very eloquent of what he would have called her "grit," her steel-cold pluck and her instinctive appeal to her own personal resources, drew her hand out of her son's arm and went and seated herself upon the bench.
The next scene disclosed Miss Marrable as "Lydia Languish," gracefully seated, very pretty, beautifully dressed, accurately mistress of the smallest words in her part; possessed, in short, of every personal resource -- except her voice.
However, the range of options for lateral moves is limited, both by the organization and by the profession, where such changes require a major commitment of personal resources for formal specialty retraining.
The costs of nursing-home care are so great that many exhaust their personal resources in the first six months.
In line with the hypothesis, among subjects with high behavioural risk, those with no strong personal resources were convicted considerably more often in later life than their counterparts with many resources.
NPDA encourages genuine, engaging debates among participants who may draw only from their own knowledge and personal resources. In my view, the NPDA is dedicated to the promotion of reasoned and informed public debating.
To balance the anxiety that legal action can cause, she also instructs women in how to find the best support from their own personal resources and from community agencies.
Pollin takes things a step further by discussing how to identify coping styles, decrease anxiety and stress, and maximize personal resources.
Instead of paying cash from personal resources, the taxpayer finances the asset at 13%.
Greenwald analyzes the phenomenon of survival from cancer (which he considers the plague of our times) in worldly terms, that the ability of the individual to meet the affliction depends upon personal resources and outside help in terms of money, education, and medical availability.
Finding personal assistants is even more difficult for those who are not only ineligible for publicly funded services through a home health agency, but also cannot afford to purchase services using their personal resources. Although independent living programs can help recruit, screen, and refer potential personal assistants, unreliability and turnover among personal assistants is notoriously high.

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