personal style

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One of the stylish stars of Bollywood, Hrithik was asked about his personal style statement and whom he looks up to as a style icon.
Roshan was also asked about his personal style statement and whom he looks up to as a style icon.
As you may have seen on the runway, this winter season has been rife with inspirations from different themes, allowing personal style to shine through statement pieces.
Shot by celebrated photographer Annie Leibowitz the campaign is described as a celebration of British women from diverse backgrounds and professions - united by their strong sense of personal style and inspirational achievements.
The Gear Fit offers the convenience of Samsung Gear technology with fitness tools, empowering consumers stay physically active without sacrificing personal style or mobile connectivity, said a statement.
The study also found that 24 is the trickiest age for coming to terms with someone's personal style.
The fashionista will be given a two-day stay at each destination with a friend, and enjoy personal style consultations with vouchers of [euro]1,000 to spend in Coast stores at each location, with all flights and hotel accommodation paid for.
8221; To view Catherine Andreozzi's personal style tips, please visit the Ross-Simons social hub at http://www.
This issue was called the personal style issue but, to be honest, it was like any other GL mag.
Latifah created her new collection to inspire women to find their own personal style.
The survey results identified the primary, personal style of each individual and are based on the theory developed by Carl Jung.
Natasha, who conducts workshops for aspiring models at Elite and also works as a stylist at IBN, says that Mumbai is a fashion forward city and allows one to be more experimental with his or her personal style.