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PERSONAL. Belonging to the person.
     2. This adjective is frequently employed in connection with substantives, things, goods, chattels, actions, right, duties, and the like as personal estate, put in opposition to real estate; personal actions, in contradistinction to real actions; personal rights are those which belong to the person; personal duties are those which are to be performed in person.

POINDING, PERSONAL, Scotch law. Poinding of the goods belonging to the debtor; and of those goods only.
     2. It may have for its warrant either letters of horning, containing a clause for poinding, and then it is executed by messengers; or precepts of poinding, granted by sheriffs, commissaries, &c., which are executed by their proper officers. No cattle pertaining to the plough, nor instruments of tillage, can be poinded in the time of laboring or tilling the ground, unless where the debtor, has no other goods that may be poinded. Ersk. Pr. L. Soot. 3, 6, 11. See Distress, to which this process is somewhat similar.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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NCC interns also identified "effective modeling by competent supervisors," including "personal supervision with four extremely competent and experienced supervisors during internship" as contributing to their development as supervisors.
Hartnup devised an "improved" bi-metal balance spring that resulted in a "more accurate reading" for setting longitude, an improvement that also brought praise from the Astronomer Royal, who sent an assistant to Liverpool to be taught under the personal supervision of Hartnup.
This is the chief inspiration that culminated in his personal supervision of the thought process that became AirLand Battle.
Lammtarra slowly recovered, but did not do his first serious piece of work, at Al Quoz, until April 11, under Sheikh Mohammed's personal supervision, for Lammtarra was the apple of the sheikh's eye.
In his 1945 textbook, The Modern Gas Turbine, Sawyer reviewed the test program carried out under the personal supervision of Professor Stodola (then 80 years of age) at the Baden works of the Brown Boveri Company (now Alstom).
When that amazing gathering of Mark Twain scholars scattered down the hill on August 8, after the culminating banquet at Quarry Farm, you heard a tide of the highest praise for the Quadrennial Conference; and the continuing buzz among Twainians here and abroad affirms that those three days, under your leadership and rapt personal supervision, constituted the very best scholastic gathering that most of us have ever experienced.
Concentrating on the animated films produced under Walt Disney's personal supervision, including "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (1937) and "The Jungle Book" (1967), the 15,000-square-foot exhibition comprises more than 500 pieces of original studio works, pieces from private collections and the Disney Archives.
* You must be under the direct personal supervision of the physician;
Harrison will now be under Hughes' personal supervision 24 hours a day until the fight with Cook and the manager said: "This is 'Rocky'.
Let them know if personal supervision will be provided in the locker room, on the deck and while in the water--as well as what type (lifeguard or swim instructor).
Would we allow a loved one to receive care without our personal supervision or oversight?
To bill for the professional component of a study or procedure, an RPA must be under the direct or personal supervision of a physician.