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Someone else is a candidate for a job that requires dealing with the public; however, his personal traits include being tense and dictatorial without an ability to hold discussions.
5 out of the total of 5 and is at first rank; mean score of personal traits is 3.
The second session was themed "Planning Youth Programmes" and presented by GOYS' Institutional Development counsellor Abdul Ridha Al-Mosawi who outlined youth programmes' planning and major types of programmes, learning methods, risk management and its correlation with programme planning and personal traits of youth.
Discussions will include the relation between violence and the social and personal traits, and the impact of social and psychological structure and expertise on reducing family weakness, he said.
As a means to express their individuality and personal traits, specifically customisable, premium and luxury goods ranked high in consumer demand in 2014, increasing unit prices for goods, and driving value sales.
For instance, replacing mDNA might have more of an impact on personal traits than had been envisaged.
However, despite the apparent importance of the audiovisual translation process in truthfulness assessments, to our knowledge there have been no attempts to apply audiovisual translation modes as a unique medium that may influence individuals' judgments of others' personal traits and the truthfulness what they are saying.
He also referred to deceased communist leader's contribution to the Sindhi literature that was reflective of his personal traits and beliefs based on humanitarianism, simplicity and equality.
The comprehensive website sheds light on the leadership qualities and their personal traits that saw the leaders excel in their statesmanship.
Chakravarty explains how training undertaken by NCC helps cadets develop personalities and personal traits that are beneficial in life and career
Because the personal traits that are most often identified as relevant for presidential candidates include leadership, competence, integrity, and empathy--even if some of these dimensions might be highly related--we begin our analysis with this conceptualization.
It] marginalizes the multiparty system in Egypt because it promotes personal traits of individual candidate at the expense of political affiliation, thus impeding the country's democratic transformation".

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