personal wrong

See: tort
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I was moved and goaded by recollections of personal wrong and injury, I know, but, even now I cannot charge myself with having, then, or ever, lost sight of a heartfelt desire for her true happiness; or with having acted--however much I was mistaken--with any other impulse than the one pure, single, earnest wish to be to her, as far as in my inferior nature lay, the father she had lost.
They were in continual war with each other, and their wars were of the most harassing kind; consisting, not merely of main conflicts and expeditions of moment, involving the sackings, burnings, and massacres of towns and villages, but of individual acts of treachery, murder, and cold-blooded cruelty; or of vaunting and foolhardy exploits of single warriors, either to avenge some personal wrong, or gain the vainglorious trophy of a scalp.
It is true that a poor man who needs must work for his daily bread cannot long keep up the struggle; but he can talk, and his words find an echo in every sufferer's heart, so that one bad case of this kind is multiplied, for every one who hears of it feels it as a personal wrong, and the leaven works.
Toure thundered back to full pelt by scoring twice in the first half - one of which the wonderful David Silva might claim - before Kompany nutted home a third, celebrating as though the advertising hoardings his had committed some dreadful personal wrong against his family.
The 32-year-old former Everton favourite missed the Toffees' 2-1 cup final defeat to Chelsea in 2009 through injury, and is still itching to right that personal wrong.
Instead, there appears to be a stigma attached to those who react to a personal wrong by grieving.
If Deputy Wallace feels I did him some personal wrong by mentioning it, then I have no problem in saying I am sorry.
Injury and a loss of form have seen him spend spells out of the team but he doesn't see Sunday as an opportunity to right a few personal wrongs from a tricky bout of second-season syndrome.
Smalltown reporter Bruce blames God for a run of personal and professional bad luck but when he meets the man Himself and He bestows his powers on Bruce, the temptation to right a few personal wrongs, rather than answer people's prayers leads to all kinds of trouble 2003 ***
This Jackson made the personal political, using politics to right perceived personal wrongs, governing by inciting and unleashing fears in others.
At common law, contract actions and actions for wrongs to property survived a plaintiff's death, but actions for personal wrongs or personal injuries died with the plaintiff.
William Westmoreland against CBS and all the other actions brought by public officials are not attempts by individuals to win restitution for personal wrongs.

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