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noun attributes, being, character, disposition, distinction, distinctiveness, identity, individualism, individuality, ingenium, makeup, nature, oneness, originality, particularity, personal identity, personal mark, predisposition, selfhood, selfness, singularity, soul, style, temperament, traits, type, uniqueness
See also: character, disposition, identity, inclination, individual, individuality, presence, property, temperament

PERSONALITY. An abstract of personal; as, the action is in the personalty, that is, it is brought against a person for a personal duty which he owes. It also signifies what belongs to the person; as, personal property.

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The Marketing Personality Test identifies these "outliers" as one of four types and offers advice specific to each: Skeptic (tends to be more pessimistic than peers), Maverick (thinks collaboration is less effective than following one vision), Pacifist (uncomfortable with competition) or Free Spirit (thinks rules inhibit more than they help).
If a personality test includes an integrity component, it's also written to unmask a dishonest individual.
Umashree scored 43 marks in the entrance exam and as per the notification, she was deemed ineligible for the personality test.
Next I was taken into Victor's office again to see the results of my personality test - but not before he pointed out the electronic machine used in Scientology counselling sessions.
Future doctors, lawyers, firefighters, service industry employees, Catholic priests, and even professional athletes are routinely subjected to personality tests as a condition of their employment.
Employers need to determine exactly how much merit should be given to personality test results.
Hence, the case for PCT - a more prudent approach to testing - is predicated on strong evidence that PCT aids the selection process, as well as indications that the use of any personality test is limited.
In fact, the vast majority (39 of 46) of published studies of personality test validity reviewed by Tett et al.
4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Not to alarm you, but don't take choosing a personality test lightly.
If a poor candidate scores high marks in the preliminary and mains examination and has the possibility of making it to the Grade ' A' post ( KAS) after the personality test round, the names of such candidates are released to parents of prospective brides.
JobHintz career tests range from Myers Briggs, a widely popular personality test based on Carl Jung and Isabel Myers-Briggs typological approach, to Emotional IQ, which rates candidates' ability to regulate emotions in a healthy and balanced manner.

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