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The purpose of present research is to examine the relationship between personality traits and irrational beliefs with job exhaustion in Yazd's consultants.
Trait-based, nonsyndromic assessment of personality traits.
Each individual with personality pathology, including those who fall into the six retained categories, will be identified by a series of PD traits (see the Personality Traits section for details).
Despite the lack of widespread use of validated personality measurement tools in surgical education, the assessment of personality traits appears to be an important component of resident evaluations.
However, research on personality traits shows that there would be little a business or school could do to change someone's optimism as these traits are usually cemented at an early age, said Robinson.
Personality traits have been shown to influence consumer behavior.
Unexpectedly, personality traits in prospective surgical residents did not differ from those of students choosing nonsurgical residencies.
While previous research has shown that receptivity to tobacco advertising is associated with higher levels of smoking among adolescents, few studies have examined how variability in personality traits .
Some studies examined psychological characteristics of athletes as personality traits, temperaments, and different confrontation styles.
Smoking and coffee drinking may be surrogates of an underlying personality trait or behavior and be related to a characteristic pre-parkinsonian personality (Marder and Logroscino 2002).
Presumably, the overarching personality trait of psychological androgyny is manifesting itself through the communication construct of verbal immediacy, at least when examining the perceptions of the students.
Anxiety as a personality trait was determined by scores on a State-Trait Anxiety Inventory.

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