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We are especially pleased to be offering high-quality, personalized Yahoo
In the Idomoo personalized video campaign, each Nuon customer received a highly-personalized, two-minute Idomoo-generated video providing an audio-visual overview of their yearly electricity and gas usage (see the English version, white-labeled as 'D-light').
Cancer Personalized Medicine represents the leading-edge of the broader Personalized Medicine Marketplace and we map the qualitative and quantitative market trends and metrics in this report (including market segmentation, market sizing, growth rates, revenue projections broken-out by product areas, and market penetration of various technologies in cancer personalized medicine).
Personalized medicine has seen a steady growth of commercial success as new products arrive on the market.
Argos' proprietary approach to personalized HIV immunotherapy is based on optimizing a patient's own (autologous) dendritic cells to trigger a pathogen-specific immune response.
Pageflakes has led the way in redefining the personalized homepage, which has essentially remained unchanged since the advent of the World Wide Web, until now," said Dan Cohen, CEO of Pageflakes.
To meet the video processing demands of delivering these highly personalized services, operators require technology solutions that can easily scale and provide the flexibility to deliver video services on a per-subscriber basis.
Pharmacoproteomics is an important contribution to personalized medicine as it is a more functional representation of patient-to-patient variation than that provided by genotyping.
47 percent expressed interest in receiving a personalized guide to solve this problem by helping them find shows and movies that match their tastes and interests.
The patented technology has already been incorporated into StreamServe Persuasion[TM], the industry's most comprehensive EDP solution for transforming internal data into personalized customer communication.
Phonezoo's simple process for creating personalized ringtones makes it quick and easy for users to create ringtones and get them to their phone.

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